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meet OUR 2024 RECIPIENTS... 


Michael Mohr is a 44yo lifelong Norman Resident who graduated from Norman North in 1998. Unfortunately, Michael's world was turned upside down last December when he was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma (most aggressive form of brain cancer). He is married to his high school sweetheart and wife of 19yrs (also a Norman North graduate) and they have one 14yo daughter. He was given a 12-14 months prognosis without treatment and 14-18 months prognosis with aggressive treatment (chem, radiation and clinical trial). 

MACH’s goal is to reduce the trauma child victims experience by giving them a safe place to share their experiences through a forensic interview and obtain medical assessments after instances of abuse and neglect. Additionally, they strive to assist families by providing advocacy and referrals to services that will set children and their families on the path to healing. Finally, they seek to educate the general public on child abuse response and encourage individuals to report suspected abuse to the proper authorities in a way that minimizes additional trauma for the child

Leavyn is 6 years old battling her second round of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She was first diagnosed at 2.5, rang the bell on her fifth birthday, and then Leavyn’s world turned upside down when the cancer came back. She has been fighting this hard fight since 2019. She got better and now is worse again and is going through very strong chemo treatments. She is the happiest little girl even on her hardest days. 

Sofia is a beautiful 7 year old girl that attends Eisenhower Elementary. Sofia lives with a condition called Aicardi Goutieres Syndrome, which is a rare disease that mainly affects the brain, immune system, and the skin. Her diagnosis has subsequently confined her to a power chair for mobility.  She relies on a communication device to express her wants and needs and is heavily dependent on caregivers for all feeding, personal hygiene, dressing, etc.  Though faced with challenges, Sofia works hard at school with a smile on her face.  Her sweet personality, with a little bit of spunk, make her a joy to be around.

 Every penny goes towards our deserving recipients.

With your help, we can make the lives of our recipients brighter.  

2025 SPUD Recipient Applications

Over the last 24 years, SPUD week has been able to impact over 54 families and 22 organizations. We cannot be more excited to help even more families and organizations this year! Thank you to all who applied! 




Skye Spears had a seizure while on vacation in Dauphin Island, Alabama. She had never before suffered a seizure. Upon arrival at the hospital, many tests were performed and an MRI showed that Skye has a moderate-sized mass in her brain. She has since met with a neurosurgeon and neurologist at OU Medical Hospital and will have to have surgery to remove the mass. Since she is pregnant, this complicates the matter even more. She hopes that she can carry the baby to as close to full term as possible, deliver, and then have surgery to remove the mass. If the mass is found to be malignant, she will most likely need chemo and radiation which cannot be completed during pregnancy. 

Julia Courange is a 9-year-old, 4th grader at Roosevelt Elementary School in Norman. She has been in the Children’s Hospital fighting cancer, heart disease, and much more since before school was out last May. She continues to fight at Children’s Hospital and has been approved for a heart transplant and to be transferred to a hospital in Washington, DC, where she will be seen and cared for by a specialist in rare cases like hers.


Meals on Wheels of Norman was founded in 1972 and is currently celebrating its 50th year of serving the Norman community. From the beginning, Meals on Wheels has maintained the same basic philosophy to improve nutrition by providing meal service to the ill, disabled, and senior residents within the Norman City Limits. Often the daily visit from the volunteer driver is the only interaction their clients will have with someone throughout the day. Individuals can remain in their homes of choice and live with dignity and independence. Food costs have risen significantly over the last year and additional funding is needed to prevent a waiting list from forming. 

The Sunhive Collective strives to create a safe and inviting space for Young Adults (ages 18-30) with disabilities in order to support growth for their daily living, social, and transitional skills. Each person’s individual and unique abilities are cultivated and fostered through organic, hands-on experiences that help them to thrive in each area while building meaningful relationships within the community. Sunhive is brand new to the community and SPUD is honored to be a part of their inaugural year.

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