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Restaurant Night reciepts
please email receipts to

2024 Requirements for Committee

All committees are required to complete the following

to attend decorating weekend!!

Attend Theme Night

     -September 19th

Attend ALL the committee meetings

      -First meeting 9/12

Sign the signature sheet

      -will be given to you at committee meetings

Attend Letter Writing 

        -September 30th

        -Letter writing makeup #1 10/9 (during lunch)

        -Letter writing makeup #2 10/26 (after school)

Attend 1 Wildwood decorating Day

        -11/7 & 11/30

-Attend 3/7 SPUD events 

         -Golf Tournament 10/15

         -Crosstown for a Cause (Bubble Soccer) 10/17

         -SPUD Run 10/29

         -SPUD sports 11/2

         -Dog Show 11/7

         -SPUD esports 11/11

         -Bowling 12/4



Here is a breakdown of each committees' specific requirements


Raise $100

5 service hours and 2 restaurant night


Raise $250

2 service hour and 4 restaurant nights


Raise $1,500

2 service hours and 4 restaurant nights 

2 more service hours OR 2 more restaurant nights

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